4.3 Council

  1. The Council shall include eight (8) elected members, the Executive Committee members (as ex officio with voting rights), and at least 3 additional ex officio members (without voting privileges) as described below. The eight elected members shall represent each of the following geographical regions: Australasia, Europe, Far East, Central and South America, Middle East, North America, South Asia, and Sub-Saharan Africa. All of them will also be members of the Membership and Outreach Committee as described in article 7.1.iii. The three additional ex officio members without voting privileges are: Editor-in-Chief of ASMBI, Editor of ISBIS News, and the ISBIS Web Master.
  2. The three additional ex officio members (Editor-in-Chief of ASMBI, Editor of ISBIS News, and the ISBIS Web Master) will be appointed by the Executive Committee. The appointment of the Editor-in-Chief of ASMBI may be subject to confirmation by the publisher, depending on the agreement with the publisher.
  3. The Council is empowered to receive and act upon all matters regarding the termination of memberships, setting policies to enable the Society to comply with its objectives, forming such permanent or temporary committees as it sees fit, administering and controlling monies, funds, investments and securities of the Society, and is authorized to exercise and to perform any other duties that may be in the best interests of the Society.
  4. The Council shall take steps as it deems necessary to enable the Society to acquire, solicit or receive legacies, gifts, grants, settlements, bequests, endorsements and donations of any kind whatsoever for the purpose of furthering the objects of the Society.