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Wells Fargo Quantitative Associate Program

    Wells Fargo's Quantitative Associate program is looking for highly qualified graduating students for positions starting in summer of 2019. Most of our openings are for graduating PhDs but we do have a small number of openings for Masters graduates. The deadline for application is November 15, 2018.

    The program is intended to attract new graduates, train them during a one-year rotation, and place them in permanent positions. Students who have already graduated will also be considered, but the (firm) start date is June/July 2018. Wells Fargo will consider sponsoring international students recruited under this program for visas.

    Notes to applicants:

  • Make sure your resume contains as much of the relevant information as possible, including a list of relevant graduate courses taken, a careful description of your research, projects and practical experience, and record of teaching or other experiences in communications. Resumes can be two pages long.
  • When students log in to the job application system, one of the first questions you will be asked is whether you are allowed to work in the US. If students are eligible for OPT after they graduate, they should answer "YES." If you say "NO", you will be automatically declined.
  • There will also be a question as to whether you have completed your degree. If you will complete all requirements (as indicated in the job flyer), you should answer "YES".
  • Quantitative Associate Program Flyer
  • PhD Quantitative Associate: Credit & Operational Risk
  • Masters Quantitative Associate: Credit & Operational Risk

University of Coimbra Post-Doc

    International Call for one Post-Doctoral position, for employment in public functions in the regime of defined resolutive term contract. The Investigator will participate directly in the four nuclear modules that comprise the SHSADReM project. Two of the modules will be methodology-based, focusing on the field censored and multivariate distributional regression models and distributional Rasch regression models. Two will be applied in nature where primary data will be used to analyze how the exercise of citizenship is expressed by secondary school teachers in Portugal and to identify which factors are determinant for decision-making in terms of women's health within a breast cancer screening program. The Investigator's activities will include: the development of methodologies for various areas in the project, the analysis of results, the gathering and analysis of bibliographical sources, the elaboration of reports, the writing of scientific outputs and editing of academic articles for publication as a team member, assistance in coordinating and accompanying diverse activities within the project, the presentation of communications at scientific events both nationally and internationally, and the potential submissions of applications to R&D projects.

    Notes to applicants:

  • Summary of the General Conditions: 3-Year contract, with a monthly salary of 2,128.34€ before taxes (14 payments of net monthly salary per year).
  • For more information, please consult the linked PDF, here, or here.