History of ISBIS

ISBIS started as a Working Group in Industrial Statistics within ISI. An initial meeting was held at the 1989 ISI Biennial Session in Paris to explore interest in starting such a group within the ISI. Given the substantial interest, the ISI approved the formation of a Working Group chaired by Ram Gnanadesikan. The group was successful in organizing and sponsoring various activities. Based on the success of the working group, the ISI approved the formation of a standing Committee on Statistics in Industry (CSI) in 1992. The scope of the committee was broadened to include business statistics and the name was changed to Statistics in Business and Industry (SBI) in 1999.
The following people have served as Chairs of CSI and SBI:

  • Ram Gnanadesikan (India) 1992 - 1995
  • Vijay Nair (Malaysia/USA) 1995 - 1999
  • Nick Fisher (Australia) 1999 - 2003
  • Bovas Abraham (Canada/India) 2003 – 2005

The committee's proposal to become a new section of the ISI was approved at the ISI General Assembly at the Biennial Session in Sydney in 2005, and the International Society for Business and Industrial Statistics (ISBIS) was launched as a new society under the umbrella of ISI. The following people have since served as President of ISBIS:

  • Bovas Abraham (Canada) 2005-2007
  • Nicholas Fisher (Australia) 2007-2009
  • Yves Grize (Switzerland) 2009-2011

Activities organized and co-sponsored by ISBIS and the preceding committees:

  • International Symposium in Industrial Statistics, Tel-Aviv, August1991 (Vijay Nair and David Steinberg)
  • Workshop in SPC, ISI Biennial Session in Cairo, September1991 (Bovas Abraham)
  • Special issue of the International Statistical Review on Industrial Statistics, 1993 (edited by Vijay Nair and Jeff Wu)
  • Cosponsored Satellite Meeting to the ISI Biennial Session in Florence, September 1993 (Daniela Cocchi and Nick Fisher)
  • Conference on Statistics in Industry, Science and Technology, Tokyo, Japan, July 1994 (Chihiro Hirotsu, Vijay Nair, and Jeff Wu)
  • Co-sponsored Conference on Statistical Methods and Statistical Computing on Quality and Productivity Improvement, Seoul, S. Korea, August, 1995 (Sung H. Park)
  • Co-sponsored the Quality part of the scientific program of the Sydney International Statistics Congress, Sydney, Australia, July 1996 (Nick Fisher and Ron Sandland)
  • Conference on Quality Improvement through Statistical Methods, Cochin, India, December, 1996 (Bovas Abraham and Unnikrishnan Nair)
  • Cosponsored Satellite Meeting to the ISI Biennial Session in Istanbul session on "Industrial Statistics: Aims and Computational Aspects", Athens, August 1997                (C. Kitsos and Vijay Nair)
  • The First International Symposium on Industrial Statistics (ISIS 1), Linkoping, Stockholm, Sweden, August, 1999 (Bo Bergman and Vijay Nair)
  • Cosponsored the Second International Conference on Mathematical Methods in Reliability - MMR 2000 in Bordeaux, France, July, 2000 (Misha Nikouline)
  • Cosponsored Second International Symposium on PLS methods, Capri, Italy, October, 2000 (Carlo Lauro)
  • Workshops in Design of Experiments, Buenos Aires and Tucuman, Argentina, March 2001, (Bovas Abraham and Vijay Nair)
  • Cosponsored VIII Seminar on Applied Statistics of the Inter-American Statistical Institute (IASI), Panama City, July 2001 (Vijay Nair)
  • Cosponsored the Third International Conference on Mathematical Methods in Reliability MMR2002 in Trondheim, Norway, June, 2002 (Bo Lindqvist)
  • The Second International Symposium on Industrial Statistics (ISIS 2), Yokohama, Japan, August, 2001 (Chihiro Hirotsu)
  • Statistics in Industry, Cochin, India, December 2002- January 2003 (Bovas Abraham and P. G. Sankaran)
  • The Third International Symposium on Industrial Statistics (ISIS 3), Barcelona, Spain, August, 2003, joint with ENBIS (David Steinberg)
  • International Symposium on Business and Industrial Statistics (ISBIS 2004 ), Palm Cove, Australia, April, 2005 (Nick Fisher and Vijay Nair)
  • ISBIS 2006, Lima, Peru, January 2006 (Geoff Vining and Bovas Abraham)
  • Cosponsored the Annual Colombian Statistics Conference- Business and Industry Theme (Martha Patricia Bohorquez and Bovas Abraham), Bucaramanga, Colombia, July 2006
  •  ISBIS 2007, Azores, Portugal (Bovas Abraham, Franciso Samaniego and Helena Nicolu)
  • ISBIS 2008 Conference, Prague, Czech Republic, 1-4 July 2008 (Nick Fisher and George Michialidis)
  • Cosponsored the Annual Colombian Statistics Conference-Business and Industry Theme (Jose Alberto Vargas, Geoff Vining and Bovas Abraham), Categena, Colombia, August 2008
  • International Conference in Applied Probability and Statistics, Hanoi, Vietnam, December, 2008 (Nick Fisher and Nguyen Ky Nam)
  • EURISBIS'09, Cagliari, Italy, May 30 - June 3, 2009 (Francesco Mola, Nick Fisher and Vincenzo Esposito Vinzi)
  • Sixth International Conference on Partial Least Squares, Beijing, China, 4-7 September, 2009 (Vincenzo Esposito Vinzi)
  • Sixth Meeting Colombia Venezuela on Statistics, University of Carabobo in Valencia, Venezuela, 25-29 October 2009 (Teodoro Garcia, Bovas Abraham Yulia Gel and Geoff Vining)
  • Stellenbosch Statistical Symposium, Satellite Meeting to the ISI Biennial Session in Durbin, Stellenbosch, Republic of South Africa, August, 2009 (Nick Fisher and Tertius de Wet)
  • ISBIS 2010, Portoroze, Slovenia, July 2010 (Nick Fisher and Stefan Steiner)